New Technologies Cathedral in Villaverde, Madrid

Some info about the project.

The rehabilitation of this Torroja structure has been financed by the Madrid Town Hall to supply the city a space for the new technological business.

Jose María Churtichaga and Joaquín lizasoaín have been the architects. A joint venture between DRAGADOS and FCC the constructor.

The structural rehabilitation of the ancient building has been done by CARLOS FERNANDEZ CASADO SL, but all the rest of the new structures have been designed by INGETURARTE SL. Technical assistance to the constructor has also been done.

A singular office building structure in reinforced concrete has been designad. The fachade erection, with 12 m cantilever metal supports at the top has got a singular method statement. A lot of diferent structural typologies are used in different subparts of the complex.

  • Client: Dragadaos S.A.
  • Date: 2008 - 2011

What we do: Basic and construction design and technical assistance to the site management to builder.