Who we are

INGETURARTE, SL, has been providing structural engineering services since its creation in January 2005.

Structural analysis, designs, and construction assistance have been developed for works located in Spain and other countries, such as Poland, Mexico, Morocco, Georgia or Switzerland.

We have the capability to work on many structural materials, experience in working with concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, composite concrete-steel and glass fiber reinforced concrete. We provide analysis and design to a great variety of: prestressed concrete and composite bridges, footbridges or buildings.

INGETURARTE, SL works are mainly for the private sector.

Today, our most important clients are important civil contractors such as DRAGADOS, from ACS Group or VSL Construction Systems, but also Architects that want a structural design that respect the functionality of the spaces they define. Short term structural expertise for EPTISA is being developing now days.

The consulting services we provides are usually for building purposes. So in addition to the analysis and design definitions, we use to propose one or more constructive processes.

We have recently completed the structural rehabilitation of a cable-stayed structure in Albacete. An international patent for abutment bridge joints is being developed. Innovative construction methods have been implemented, like a demolition of a concrete support without using jacks.

General Manager

Jorge Aparicio Garcia


Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, specialty of Foundations and Structures. University of Cantabria. 1996 (Associate number: 13,594). Completed PhD courses 1998. Research Aptitude 2008. Thesis in progress 2014.


1998:Research work conducted by D. Javier Torres in ETSICCPS. Analysis and design of cylindrical shells. Non linear interaction vaso-foundation.

1999-2002: Research study of composite materials, GFRP, CFRP and concrete- within the MARCO program at COMPCON proyect. The first great span beam – 15 m - has been measured and tested in this type of material in Spain.

2002: Noise reduction panel in GRC on Gran Via in Barcelona. Structural design. Architect EMBT. Built

2005-6: Study of shrinkage of concrete structure of 67 metres in lenght with no joints at the South Forum. Feria de Valencia.

2005: Re-use of waste slag from ACERINOX factories, SA. Approaching to solutions.

2013: Patent of an integral joint between abutments and decks P201300915

Teaching experience

1998:Research work conducted by D. Javier Torres in ETSICCPS. Analysis and design of cylindrical shells. Non linear interaction vaso-foundation.

Teacher in charge of the subjects about resistance in materials, structures and structural typology at Alfonso X el Sabio University. 1998-99.

Publications and conferences

2002: Hue, Fernando Martinez Calzón, July and Aparicio Garcia, Jorge "Advanced Composite Materials. Calculation methodology in a beam scale test "ACHE Congress. Madrid

2004: Pants Martínez, Julio; Aparicio Garcia, Jorge and Molpereces Ballesteros, Belén "Torre Mare Nostrum. Complex of buildings for Gas Natural headquarters in Barcelona "CEA. Congress of the steel structure. La Coruna.

2010: Aparicio Garcia, Jorge "Linear analysis of the interaction slab-pillars in buildings under imposed deformations seamless instantaneous and time." Concrete and steel. Madrid. Spain. Vol: 61. No. 255, pp. 55-72

2010: Pérez Torres, José Angel, Aparicio Garcia, Jorge. "Center of expression and innovation of new technologies." ACHE Congress. Barcelona. Spain.

2011: Sopeña Corvino, Luis; Aparicio Garcia, Jorge; Álvarez Andres, Juan Jesús and Peset Gonzalez, Luis. "Expansion and repair of the road right of Jaros viaduct." ACHE Congress. Barcelona. Spain.

2012: Luis Peset González, Juan Jesús Álvarez Andrés, Luis Sopeña Corvinos y Jorge Aparicio García. “A precast beam bridge caps rehabilitation new method. Application to the Jarosa viaduct”. Hormigón y acero. Madrid. Spain. Vol: 63. Nº266, pp. 7-30.

2013: Aparicio García, Jorge “Detalles de conexión estructural entre acero y hormigón en la edificación”. Hormigón y acero. Madrid. Spain. Vol:64. Nº267, pp. 81-100

Professional experience

1997: ATP Engineering SL Bridges, viaducts and structures made of prestressed and reinforced concrete.

1998: INCOSA SA. Control and proyect in construction works in both metallic structure as reinforced concrete.

1999: I belonged to MC2´s team, Engineering study, SL (directed by Julio Martínez Calzón), where I conducted proyect works and structural design both in civil work as construction, metallics, reinforced concrete and prestressed, mixture structures and made of GRC besides another composite materials. Currently, I still collaborate with MC2 Engineering study, SL.

2005: Founding partner and director of INGETURARTE, SL, structural engineering firm.

Corporate social responsability

Fundación niños de Guarataro.

Since INGETURARTE, SL began his work, we have been colaborating with the Foundation Niños de Guarataro in Honduras that helps childhood.