Structural solutions for your bridges and buildings.

Structural design, rehabilitations, method statement, architectural competitions support, the colsuntancy you are looking for.

Structural design

Bridges or buildings. Reinforced or prestressed concrete, metallic or composite structures; GFRC. New or rehabilitation design. Construction design.


Engineering consultancy. Structural expert assessment on site. Method statement.


Architectural competitions. Close to the architectural art from the beginning of the projects.


We are specially proud our first patent. Comming soon.

We like construction.

We like solving problems.

About us

INGETURARTE, SL, has been providing structural engineering services since its creation in January 2005. Structural analysis, designs, and construction assistance have been developed for works located in Spain and other countries, such as Poland, Mexico, Morocco, Georgia or Switzerland.p>

INGETURARTE, SL has the capability to work on many structural materials. INGETURARTE, SL haS experience in working with concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, composite concrete-steel and glass fiber reinforced concrete. We provide analysis and design to a great variety of: prestressed concrete and composite bridges, footbridges or buildings.

INGETURARTE, SL works are mainly for the private sector. Today, our most important clients are important civil contractors such as DRAGADOS, from ACS Group or VSL Construction Systems, but also Architects that want a structural design that respect the functionality of the spaces they define. Short term structural expertise for EPTISA is being developing now days.

The consulting services INGETURARTE, SL provides are usually for building purposes. So in addition to the analysis and design definitions, INGETURARTE, SL uses to propose one or more constructive processes.

INGETURARTE, SL has recently completed the structural rehabilitation of a cable-stayed structure in Albacete. An international patent for abutment bridge joints is being developed. Innovative construction methods have been implemented, like a demolition of a concrete support without using jacks.

Ingeturarte is more than a company, it is an attitude. Etymologically comes from two concepts: engineering and architecture as the art of the technique. Ingeturarte is the art of applying technical ingenuity. Exciting service that we offer our customers.

Jorge Aparicio